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Language of Lyrics Without words

La Foresta di carta by Velthur Tognoni

Velthur Tognoni Without words Women’s-Children’s chorus Six voices Secular Madrigal CPDL
Choral Score Free;

Composer(s) Velthur Tognoni; In Without words; For Women’s-Children’s chorus ; Style/Genre Secular, Madrigal; Publisher CPDL;

SSA.SSA (2 choirs of Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano and Alto). Made-up words and onomatopoeic syllables.

Caleidoscopio musicale n.2 by Alessandro Kirschner

Alessandro Kirschner Without words Mixed chorus Four voices Secular CPDL
Choral Score Free;

Composer(s) Alessandro Kirschner; In Without words; For Mixed chorus ; Style/Genre Secular; Publisher CPDL;

SATB. Vocalize as desired with the phoneme Noh, Doo or with one or more vowels.